Our Mission

Our programs create high-quality relationships between students with adult mentors


How it works

We bring our program to the students, and there is never a cost incurred by them to participate. We work with students from 3rd to 12th grade. All students are encouraged and welcome to sign up, though space can be limited.

Students are welcome to bring their own skateboard if they have one, but we supply all skateboards, skate obstacles, helmets and wrist guards.

We combine social and emotional learning with skateboarding to build creativity, self-efficacy, and belonging through a SAFE curriculum.

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Skaters and Non-Skaters Alike

No prior skateboarding experience is required to participate. We meet students at their skill level and work with them to progress and have fun.

Curb is also a place for students that already skateboard. We provide a wide range of obstacles to make our sessions as accessible and enjoyable no matter what skill level.

All students are required to submit a signed waiver by their parent or guardian to participate.

Have extra skateboards or safety equipment you can donate? Let us know!


What We Offer


Our sessions are run at an approved location on the participating school’s campus. We meet for 90 minutes once per week over 8 weeks during the course of a semester.


We bring our skateboards, ramps, and safety equipment to schools and create a pop-up skatepark to give students a place to skateboard for 2 hours. Skateboard instruction is offered these sessions.

We’re aiming to offer more ways for students to learn from skateboarding. Check out our campaigns.

We exist to help fill the gap between the benefits and needs of after school programming.


The benefits of after-school programming are clear, but they either cost too much or they simply don’t exist.

We believe skateboarding makes for a great after-school program because of its emphasis on play, practice, and perseverance. It is learning by doing—a cycle of failing and receiving immediate feedback to improve until a goal is reached. It promotes the trying out of ideas, using imagination, conquering fears, and developing a zest for progression. 

Our curriculum is sequenced to progress through coordinated activities built upon improved self-efficacy and social-emotional learning.


2 for 1

For every student in an after school program, approximately two more would be enrolled if one were available to them.



Low-income households reporting that the cost of after-school programming was a factor in their decision not to enroll their child in a program


The number of students that do not have someone to care for them after school or have any mentoring relationships.


8 in 10

Working parents that agree that after-school programs allow them to keep their jobs or give them peace of mind about their children when they are at work.

Who We Are

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