Our Philosophy

We believe that skateboarding is the perfect vehicle for learning how to learn. 

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Overcoming Obstacles By Skating Them

Setting the goal of landing a new trick requires a commitment to bouncing back from multiple bouts of failure. This process teaches students that learning requires an acceptance of and resilience to failure, that persistence and dedication eventually lead to success, and that they have agency over their progression.


We help students focus on what is required for them to meet their goals, not whether or not they can reach them.


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A Community Built On Encouragement and Persistence.

Although embracing failure is part of skateboarding, we know it isn’t always easy to accept. Skating with others who are empathetic to the process of progression help translate negative emotions of frustration into words of encouragement. "You’ve got this,” “Next try,” and “Right here!” are often words heard at our sessions to help others achieve their goals.


We bring students together after school to learn from each other as much as they learn from us.



Practice Makes Passion.

Skateboarding is a great way to learn because it provides immediate feedback. Students experiment, make adjustments and refine as a way to figure out how to improve. Learning becomes play, allowing for the dedication of practice to be much more accessible.


We link dedicated effort and progression with hard work to unlock a growth-oriented mindset.



Open Minds Open Doors

In skateboarding, there are no rules, no uniforms, no right or wrong way to approach it. It is an open-ended activity that encourages a unique point of view.

By creating a space to develop creativity and self-efficacy, we hope skateboarding helps students expand the boundaries of what they believe is possible for themselves so that they might reach their potential.


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